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Print Custom Packaging With Our Industrial Printers

If you need labels for products or their boxes, let Circle Supply in Elmwood, Louisiana, supply you with all the necessary equipment. We sell printing and wrapping machines for food manufacturers and other companies.

VideoJet Printers

Let us effectively brand your products and materials with our inkjet printers. These industrial printers will print labels directly on boxes or other packaging options like woven bags and paper bags. This printer can also print directly on glass or any other porous or nonporous surface you need. We can supply the machines and ink and can set them up to print anything that your company needs. While these machines are already built, we create the program that operates them for you depending on their necessary application.


We use a laser machine to etch glass with your brand's name or information about the product. This equipment creates labels on items like soft drink bottles or perfume bottles.

Printed Box

Bar Code

Codes and Labels

Ensure that your products and goods are properly marked. We can print the sides of boxes for you, or you can let us prepare a label printing machine for as many cases as you need to ship. This includes internal codes for organizing inventory and can be set to fit with any running assembly line with four double heads on the front, back, and underneath. With coding, you can place the label on the box with pertinent information like:

• Product Name
• Bar Code
• Lot Number
• Run
• Account Number

Wrapping Machines

Purchase one of these tabletop machines to package, wrap, and label coding. Employ them to stretch wrap materials, re-box boxes, and shrink film to place things together. They also provide wrapping for uses for pallets, tape machines, strapping machines, and inkjet printing systems, as well as providing labels.

Robotics Equipment

We also provide custom-made robotics equipment that can read barcodes for assembly lines. Use this machinery to expedite your production process.

Maintenance and Repairs

Instead of hiring in-house support, many of our customers rely on us to service their coding and wrapping equipment. We have expertise in the operation of these machines and can help to handle any major issues with their upkeep. Let us service your equipment or provide training with factory-trained technicians.


To properly use these machines, stay stocked on the necessary accessories and boxes. We offer materials for handling products safely with rails, fork lifts, and pallet ranks.


Call us for a quote. Our team can custom design a machine to meet your company's specific needs.