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Strengthen Your Shipping With Steel Strapping

Secure your packages with high-quality banding material from Circle Supply. In addition to our varied selection of boxes, we also provide necessary packaging and moving supplies, including several options of banding. Let us print your shipping labels and boxes and provide you with all of the film and material needed to secure your products.

Transporting Boxes

Banding Material

Choose from automatic, semi-automatic, and hand strapping in a range of sizes. You can also find a variety of related accessories among our inventory.

Stretch Film

Ease the transportation of your goods with stretch film. We offer extended core with or without handles in a variety of different gauges and strengths. Place strong film on the outside of your products for tamper prevention. Film is available in red, black, and clear and comes in the following sizes:

• 3 in. • 5 in. • 12 in. • 18 in. • 20 in.

Steel Strapping and Seals

Discover our in-house deals on steel and seals. Steel is priced per coil, or you can purchase a pallet for a reduced price. See remarkable savings when you purchase steel with matching seals.