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About BBfibers

From the bottom of our hearts at Circle Supply Bbfibers, thank you so much!

Thank you for over 40 years of business! 

Over the years we've seen booms and busts, floods, recessions, and tough economic times. Through it all, we've been tremendously blessed with many good times and with great relatonships with our customers. 

When you shop with Bbfibers, you're not shopping with a corporate machine. You're choosing to do business with a hardworking group of family members who are dedicated to provide the best service possible. 

No one wants to be scamdoozled by a system that works against them, and everyone wants to be cared for and treated with respect and dignity. Bbfibers is not just striving to put you first, but it's our intention to go the extra mile in making your experience one that is worth a memberable, fair, and long-lasting relationship.