Pallet Stretch Film 18" x 1,476' 50 Gauge Pallet Wrap Stretch Film Hand Shrink Wrap 1476FT

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BB Fibers 18" x 1,476' 50 Gauge Stretch Wrap 4 Rolls per Case 

1 roll per order of 1

Wholesale Box high-performance stretch film is quiet. Comes off the roll smoothly. This cast film offers good clarity for easy load and barcode identification. Great puncture resistance and strong load retention.


  • Smooth easy release
  • Wraps loads fast with little effort
  • High clarity for barcode reading or load identification
  • Freight Class: 55
  • NMFC Code:156830-8
    Cast hand stretch film has excellent load retaining force for firmly securing product even under rugged transit conditions. Our hand stretch wrap works on all types of loads and can easily handle difficult loads that are not uniform with the pallet. High clarity and smooth release.
    W x L Gauge Color Rolls
    SWC18150050 | 051016
    18" x 1476' 50