Stretch Film 17.5" X 1,476' 11 19.7" x 9,000' 51 Gauge Machine Stretch Wrap

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BB Fibers: 19.7" x 9,000' 51 Gauge Machine Stretch Wrap RL 50 Rolls per pallet

1 Roll per order of 1

Wholesale Box high-performance stretch film is quiet. Comes off the roll smoothly. This cast film offers good clarity for easy load and barcode identification. Great puncture resistance and strong load retention.


  • Smooth easy release
  • Wraps loads fast with little effort
  • High clarity for barcode reading or load identification
  • Freight Class: 55
  • NMFC Code:156830-8
    Our cast machine grade stretch film has unrivaled load-holding force and unparalleled puncture resistance. These stretch films are designed to provide enhanced protection for loads of all shapes and sizes. Features great clarity, cling and stretch.
    W x L Micron Color Rolls
    SWC20519000 | 051305
    17.5" x 1476' 11