28x5x38 Side Shipping and Packing Box Corrugated

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28x5x38 Side Shipping and Packing Box Corrugated 

Side Loading Boxes
28 x 5 x 38"

  • Side Boxes (ECT-32 Single Wall Corrugated)
  • Boxes ship and store flat to save space

These Boxes are the industry standard!. Strength / Material:ECT-32 Single Wall Corrugated.

Side loading boxes are a type of packaging solution designed to facilitate easy loading and unloading of goods from the side. Each bundle contains 20 boxes, each measuring 28 x 5 x 38 inches. These boxes are commonly used in various industries for efficient storage and transportation of items such as books, documents, and small appliances. One use case for side loading boxes is in the logistics industry, where they can be used to streamline the loading and unloading process of goods onto trucks or shipping containers. The side loading feature allows for quick access to the contents, reducing the time and effort required for handling. Another use case is in the e-commerce sector, where side loading boxes can be utilized for packaging and shipping products. The sturdy construction of these boxes ensures the safe transportation of fragile items, while the side loading design makes it easier for customers to access their purchases upon delivery. Overall, side loading boxes offer a practical and efficient solution for storing, transporting, and delivering various goods, making them a valuable asset in industries that require streamlined logistics and customer satisfaction.