Stretch Film 17.5" X 1,476' 14 Micron Pallet Wrap Stretch Film - Hand Shrink Wrap 1476 Feet

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BB Fibers: HAND GRADE STRETCH FILM 17.5" X 1,476' 14 Micron Stretch Wrap 4 Rolls per Case 

or 1 Roll per Order

1 Roll per order of 1 
Wholesale Box high-performance stretch film is quiet. Comes off the roll smoothly. This cast film offers good clarity for easy load and bar code identification. Great puncture resistance and strong load retention.


  • Smooth easy release
  • Wraps loads fast with little effort
  • High clarity for barcode reading or load identification

    Half the film, half the effort — and twice the force. One approval, the answer for every hand application. Designed as a high-performance and environmentally sensitive hand film for maximum unitization, Torque’s ultra-thin gauge reduces packaging material consumption and costs while its folded edges provide added strength and reduced tearing.
    W x L Micron Color Rolls
    17.5" x 1476' 14