Stretch Film 18' X 1,500' 90 Gauge Hand Film Pallet Wrap

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Wholesale Box 18' X 1,500' 90 Gauge Hand Film 4 rolls per case
Cast Hand Stretch Film 

or 1 Roll per Order

Reduce warehouse noise with super quiet, quality Cast Hand Stretch Film.

Ultra-clear film makes bar codes and other important information easy to read.

  • Wrap loads quickly and efficiently with its gentle release off of the roll.
  • Quiet film reduces warehouse noise up to 75%.
  • Film stretches up to 250%.
  • Great for use on uniform loads.
  • 90 Gauge for loads up to 3,000 lbs.
  • Color-Tinted Options Available
W x L Gauge Color Rolls per Case
18" x 1500' 90