Stretch Film - 18" X 1,500" 80 Gauge Pallet Wrap Stretch Film Hand Shrink Wrap

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BB Fibers Stretch Film - 18" X 1,500" 80 Gauge Hand Film 

1 roll per order of 1

Cast hand stretch film has excellent load-retaining force for firmly securing products even under rugged transit conditions. Our hand stretch wrap works on all types of loads and can easily handle difficult loads that are not uniform with the pallet. High clarity and smooth release.

Reduce warehouse noise with super quiet, quality Cast Hand Stretch Film.

Ultra-clear film makes bar codes and other important information easy to read.

  • Wrap loads quickly and efficiently with its gentle release off of the roll.
  • Quiet film reduces warehouse noise up to 75%.
  • Film stretches up to 250%.
  • Great for use on uniform loads.
  • 80 Gauge for loads up to 2,500 lbs.
  • Color-Tinted Options Available
W x L Gauge Color Rolls
18" x 1500' 80